Fundamentals for Tattooists - Video Course (English)


With this basic course nothing stands in the way of your career as a tattoo artist!
In 12 different chapters "Imme Onkel" (Myami-Tattoo Ehningen, Germany) treats all the relevant relevant topics around tattooing. Compact and informative.

That's what you get:
- The video course 'Fundamentals for Tattooists' (approx. 68 min video material)
- Attachments in PDF format (approx. 52 pages) with comprehensive information
- Imme as your personal contact person
- the whole course for download

Table of content (video lectures):

  1. Preface

  2. Hygiene, Responsibility & Discipline

  3. Prepare Workspace

  4. Machinery

  5. Needles

  6. Motifs & Anatomy

  7. Digital Image Editing

  8. Basic Color Science

  9. Stencil

  10. Tattoo Techniques

  11. Instructions & First aid

  12. Corporate Foundation

  13. Practical Exercises

  14. Closing words

  • All videos are in English.

  • Videos can be streamed and downloaded

  • Video Course "Fundamentals for Tattooists"

  • Video Course "Fundamentals for Tattooists"
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Fundamentals for Tattooists - Video Course (English)

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